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Clash of Clans: Discover the Latest Updates of Version 13.675.6

A huge update for Supercell’s Clash of Clans went live recently, and it packs more than just the typical improvements and bug fixes. Version 13.675.6, also called the Logmas Update, contains new features and items that will make any fan go “ho-ho-ho.” If you have yet to check out the latest content drop, then you are in luck as we take a quick look at the contents of the highly anticipated Logmas Update.


Clash of Clans Logmas Update

Figure 1 Screenshot from the official COC Logmas Update video


Clash of Clans Logmas Update (Version 13.675.6) Overview

Here are a few of the notable features that you can expect in the latest version of Clash of Clans:

Siege Workshop Level 5

The first item in the recent patch pertains to the level 5 upgrade of the Siege Workshop. The upgrade will cost 16 million elixirs and will take 16 days to complete. Moreover, a level 5 Siege Workshop will have 1400 HP, 3-siege capacity, and will unlock a new siege machine called the Log Launcher.

The Log Launcher is effective in dealing with walls. This new machine comes with an Area Splash damage, a movement speed of five, and a housing space of one. According to the patch notes, the launcher will push through the base to reach its main target, which is the town hall. The Log Launcher will then unleash its cargo of Castle Clan Troops once it reaches its target.


Clash of Clans New Super Troops

Image from Supercell


New Super Troops

The Logmas update also contains two new super troops, which are now available in the game. Each SuperTroop comes with its unique holiday-inspired theme. The Super Wizard, for example, can unleash a devastating chain attack against multiple enemies and is wearing the colors of the Halloween Season. Moreover, The Super Wizard’s Super Troop Boost costs 25,000 Dark Elixirs and can target ground and air troops.

Opposite to the dark nature of the Super Wizard is Lava Hound’s brother Ice Hound, who obviously wears the colors of Christmas. The Ice Hound is an air defense super troop whose boost costs 25,000 Dark Elixirs. Ice Hound also occupies 40 housing spaces, has a movement speed of 20, and has the ability to slow down enemies.

The new update also comes with balance adjustments to super troops. The adjustments include the reduction of the Dark Elixir cost, the nerfing of the troop boost duration, the ability to boost up to two super troops at the same time, and the ability to train normal troops alongside their super troop version.

Spell Factory Level 6

The Spell Factory is now upgradable to level 6. The upgrade will cost 4.8 million Elixir and will last for days. Spell Factory level 6 comes with a 10 spell capacity, 840 HP, and will unlock a new item called the Invisibility Spell. Other levels mentioned in the patch include X-Bow Level 8, Giant Bomb Level 7, Air Bomb Level 8, and Seeking Shield Level 5.


Clash of Clans New Magic Item

Image from Supercell


New Magic Items

A new magic item called Super Potion is also included in the update. The Super Potion is an alternative to Dark Elixir in boosting super troops. A single Super Potion can boost a super troop for three days and can fetch 300 gems when sold to the trader. Moreover, Super Potions will be available as part of the Clan Games reward collection.

General Changes

General changes were also included in the recent update. One example is the gameplay changes in the list below:


There are changes to the gameplay as well. If a Hero’s ability remains unused at the end of a battle, the character will be able to heal the amount of HP they would normally recover from using their ability. Thus, reducing the Hero’s downtime and increasing their usability.

The main village wall segments are now swappable with other wall segments when editing your base, similar to buildings and traps. Moreover, the Broken Cannon Carts will retarget after a push back if its target is not within range anymore. Aside from that, units are recently updated as they will now have a more accurate line of sight calculation to assist during pathing.

Lastly, the Clan Castle is now invincible to Lightning Spells, similar to the Elixir and Gold Storage buildings.

General Balance Changes

Other than gameplay, there are also balance changes. Firstly, the hit speed of the Scattershot is buffed from 3.036 to 3.228 seconds. Second, the DPS (Damage-Per-Second) is nerfed by 10.
The Scattershot also receives a buff on its overall HP. See the increase below.

  • Level 1: 3000 to 3600
  • Level 2: 3500 to 4200

Those are some of the most important contents included in the latest Clash of Clans update. Now that you have the overview of the new changes and elements in the game, it’s time to get back into the game and explore the new features. But if you’re new to the game yet, you can check out how to play the game here.