How To Play Clash of Clans: The Features That Makes This Game Fun & Addictive

Clash of Clans is one of the most addictive games that ever came out. During its peak, there were millions of people from all over the world who were addicted to playing the game. The addiction to the game was so bad that some gaming news sites even had to warn people about them. But why is this strategy game fun and addictive to play?

It’s just a typical strategy game where you build, construct your buildings, and grow your armies along the way. So what does this game have, that made people love playing it often to the point that it even became an addiction? Let’s take a look at the main features of Clash of Clans and see why people loved playing this game a lot.




A Multiplayer Strategy Game

One of the main features of Clash of Clans and probably one of the main reasons why people enjoy playing it often is because it’s a multiplayer strategy game. This means that you get to play this game against people from all over the world. This feature is really one of the main things that make people play this game often. The competition against the other players can really be inviting and exciting.

The best part of this is that you get to set up your offense first and then try attacking another base and see if it can penetrate the defense. If not, you try to improve, upgrade, and then attack once again using a different strategy. The harder to break the defense, the more people come back and try harder. Overcoming these challenges can provide a great sense of satisfaction for the players.


Single-Player Mode

Another feature of Clash of Clans is that it has a single-player mode. This means that you don’t always have to battle against other players. You can test your strategies against the Goblin horde’s defense and see if it’s good enough to take it down. Destroying the Goblin’s base will also provide good resources, which can help you further build and develop your base. This feature is great since it gives you another game mode to play in if you’re ever tired or fed up with trying to battle against other player’s bases.




Different Buildings and Items to Use for Defense

Clash of Clans is a game that’s not just about attacking, but also defending. The game features many buildings and items you can use to help you come up with a great defensive set up to protect your base. In a way, you’re also like playing a tower defense game since you can set up your defense in a lot of different ways.

You can use the wall to not only protect your entire base but also set up a maze that attackers will have to go around or go through just to get to your main buildings. Then you can use the different defensive buildings like canons, bombs, mortars, and even traps to make it even tougher to bring down.

These are just some of the main features that Clash of Clans offers. But you can already see why this game is very addictive. Thus, you have to be good at coming up with strategies in setting up defenses, as well as setting up attackers. This challenge might be one of the reasons why people were struck into the match and why people play it as often as possible.




Downloading Clash of Clans Online

If want to start playing the game, then your next step would probably be downloading it on your PC. The process in trying Clash of Clans is very simple. Head straight to the Download page of this site and select the best option for you. As you can see, there are three available options on the site, so you can freely download it whether you have it in any system. You can also check this out for your mobiles and play it with friends.

There are few steps that you’ll have to complete before fully playing the game. Make sure that you follow all these steps and don’t miss any procedure on the way. So, good luck with playing the game and earn your way to winning against your enemies troops!

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